You may travel the Web countryside on any one of the trains listed below. Each one takes you on a different route across the Internet, encountering Rail Stops that fit the category or theme of each train.

Click a train title to see a list of its Rail Stops, or click :: Join :: next to any title if you'd like to add your own website to that train.


The People Mover130 stops::Join::

The People Mover includes personal websites about people and social networking. The sites here include personal homepages, home pages for families, and sites that detail the genealogy of a family. Some people add their blog to the line, showcasing their opinions, their perspective, their poetry or other forms of personal writing.

These sites are usually about people, but also sometimes cover the activities of a charity or other non-profit groups that reach out to people in need.

And of course there are pages about relationships, people's heroes, idols, and love interests as well.

The Family Special46 stops::Join::

Sites about families, about raising kids, your family's genealogy, or family history. Some of these sites display family photos, photos of the kids and extended family. Others share photos and details of family events, or cover common interests that family members share with each other.

Join The Family Special if you have a website about your kids, your parents, your extended family, or if your site involves tracing the history and genealogy of your family.

The Kids Train44 stops::Join::

This collection features websites that were designed by kids, or designed for kids. Some of the sites list links and resources for children, such as games and educational sites.

Some of them feature sites about toys, pets, hobbies that kids enjoy, boy scouts, girl scouts, and other children's organizations.

Although most of the sites are created for kids or by kids, there also tend to be a few commercial sites selling products for kids. Where we typically prefer these sites to be on the "Streetcar" line, if the products are sufficiently kid-oriented and something kids would enjoy looking at, then we do make exceptions.

The Teen Lounge11 stops::Join::

Sites by teens, for teens or about teens, teen groups, teen chat, chat rooms, friends, relationships, opinions, perspectives, music and dance, fashions, passions, films and filmmaking, school and after school, interests, hobbies, individuality, the voices, the attitude, the cleverness, the creativity and the uniqueness of the incoming generation.

Senior Safari5 stops::Join::

Sites designed by seniors, for seniors or about seniors, travel topics, health issues, social life, personal histories, family, hobbies, projects, lifelong associations, service groups, retirement, memoirs and memories, reunions and events, opinions, thoughts, all about the unique perspective gained from a life full of experiences.

The Health Train17 stops::Join::

Sites about health issues, fitness, nutrition, medical information, hospitals and clinics, doctors and nurses, women's health, men's health, kid's health, diet and exercise programs, prescriptions and treatments, preventative medicine, mental health, holistic medicine, sports medicine, and any other topics that inform us about maintaining healthy minds and bodies.


The Streetcar54 stops::Join::

Sites featuring online stores and malls, offering gifts, services, food, toys and baby supplies, clothing and jewelry, T-shirts and cups, shoes and hats, pet supplies and garden supplies, crafts and artwork, baskets and wood crafts, books and comics, kitchenware and home supplies, imports and exports, all for sale and all online.

The Metro Transit9 stops::Join::

Sites about professionals and their services, corporations and businesses, finance and banking, insurance agents, accountants and attorneys, business and technical consultants, software and networking engineers, and directories of professionals and technicians from all industries.

The Plantation Route8 stops::Join::

Sites about real estate offerings, homes and apartments, lots and properties, rentals and time-shares, hotels and motels, bed and breakfasts, resorts and hostels, condominiums, real estate brokers and agents, home mortgage and finance companies, and properties for sale worldwide.


Whistle Stops26 stops::Join::

Sites spotlighting cities, towns, villages, regions and communities worldwide, highlighting their points of interest, their tourism, local history, primary industries, geography and natural wonders, their citizens, their commerce, local government, recreational offerings, as well as their schools, churches and city services.

The Tourist Line28 stops::Join::

Sites about travel around the globe, about travel agents, deals and packages, transportation, hotels, motels and condos, time-shares, beaches and mountains, villages and regions, outdoor activities, exotic destinations, tropical paradises, tips and travel pointers, learning local languages, booking special excursions, and enjoying travel for all budgets and all ages.

The Mexico Train0 stops::Join::

Sites showcasing the people, culture and destinations of Mexico, including historical information, regional sites about towns, cities and villages of Mexico, Mexican points of interest, ancient history of the region, pyramids, ruins and archaeology, rivers and mountains, beaches and resorts all over Mexico.


The Roller Coaster16 stops::Join::

Sites about entertainment, cinema and filmmaking, television and radio, music and the arts, community theater, Broadway and Off-Broadway, stars and legends, scripts, novels and short stories, as well as games, pastimes, satire and humor.

The Gamers Train7 stops::Join::

Sites about computer gaming, tournaments, LAN parties, clans and teams, online games, networking and PC performance, fantasy sports, gaming skills, strategies, current and future technologies, the hardware and software of gaming, as well as game programming, and graphics design.


The Exploration38 stops::Join::

Educational sites about exploration, history, science, world culture, language, geography, mathematics, reading, writing and literature, musical training, students and educators, schools and campuses, tutoring, mentoring, and the techniques of study and research.

The Student Rail Pass4 stops::Join::

School sites and their students, elementary schools and class web sites, middle schools, junior highs and high schools, trade schools, colleges, universities, private schools, home schooling, as well as teacher sites and student sites.

The Science Expedition14 stops::Join::

Sites about earth and natural sciences, space sciences, physics and mathematics, astronomy, geology, biology, chemistry, botany, medicine, psychology, paleontology, invention and mechanics, studies, theories, as well as scientists and their current and historical discoveries and advancements.


The TranSporter12 stops::Join::

Sites about sports, including football and soccer, baseball and basketball, hockey and skating, tennis and volleyball, cycling and running, gymnastics and swimming, skiing and boating, racing and race cars, golfing and golfers, and all their respective world and national tournaments, competitions and championships.

The Outdoor Express21 stops::Join::

Sites celebrating the beauty and grandeur of our world's countryside and wilderness regions and all the activities we love to do in the great outdoors, such as hiking and camping, swimming and boating, hiking and backpacking, fishing and hunting, skiing and climbing, birding and plant identification, or just spending time in the peace and quiet of nature.


The Hobby Train36 stops::Join::

Sites about hobbies, crafts, model railroading, collecting, antiques, restoration, photography, computers, painting, model building, RC vehicles, carving, creating or selling decorations or crafts, jewelry making and lapidary, metal work, wood work, beads, rock hunting, birding, flower arranging, and groups that share an interest in any hobby, craft or skill.

The Dining Car18 stops::Join::

Sites about food, cooking, recipes and recipe exchanges, beverages and cocktails, nutrition and diet, restaurants and banquets, gourmet cooking, country style and home cooking, regional foods and exotic dishes, preparation of entrees, salads, desserts and pastries, shopping, baking, frying, boiling, broiling, stirring, chopping, eating, and everything else from soup to nuts.

The Holiday Train31 stops::Join::

Sites about holidays, festivals, and observances, Christmas and Chanukah, Easter and Passover, Halloween and Mardi Gras, St. Patrick's Day and St. Valentine's Day, Labor Day, Memorial Day, Mother's and Father's Day, Thanksgiving and Independence Day, as well as sites about getaways, resorts, beaches and destinations worldwide where people like to spend their time off.

The Garden Train2 stops::Join::

Sites about gardening, landscaping, plants, trees, flowers and flower gardens, indoor plants, herbs and spices, fruit and vegetables, gardening tips and pointers, community and co-op gardens, pest control, irrigation techniques, garden supplies, decorations, gnomes, domes and greenhouses.


The Sightseer64 stops::Join::

Sites covering the fine arts, photography, fashion, graphic design, computer graphics, painting and sculpture, art shows and galleries.

A common occurrence on The Sightseer are sites by artists showing and selling their works, photos, jewelry, crafts and other creative pieces. Sites may also cover information about art history or information about contemporary artists.

The Music Train31 stops::Join::

Sites spotlighting music, bands, musicians and their art, instruments, concerts and venues, fans and followers, contemporary musicians and music history, music appreciation, recordings and hits, computer music, sensations and new artists, music in film, radio and television, garage bands and rock bands, big bands and orchestras, sound tracks, show tunes, musicals, as well as popular and classical music alike.

The Writer's Journey44 stops::Join::

Sites that showcase prose and poetry, journalism and satire, novels and short stories, movie scripts and plays, collections of stories or poems, creative writers and their work, the history of writing and literature, books for sale, and discussions, tips and pointers about language and effective writing techniques.


The Electric Train15 stops::Join::

Sites relating to computers and technology, electronics, consumer electronics, the Internet, the Web and webrings, hardware and software, tutorials and computer education, Internet and software tips and pointers, networks and databases, and sites for geeks and enthusiasts who love gadgets and gizmos.

The Web Train31 stops::Join::

Sites about the World-Wide Web with information about HTML, web standards and style sheets, Java and Javascript, website design and construction, web graphics and tools, search engines and search engine placement, web promotions and site exposure, clip-art and custom-made graphics for websites, web servers and server maintenance.

The Software Train5 stops::Join::

Sites devoted to computer software, video games, software design, software products for sale, shareware and freeware, downloads and download sites, software tutorials, tips and pointers, programming languages and techniques, operating systems, and the history and future of software.


The Christian Train27 stops::Join::

Sites about Christianity, the Bible and Bible study, the Old Testament, the New Testament, churches and church groups, sites for Catholics, Protestants, Evangelicals, Mormons, Baptists, Methodists, Anglicans, Seventh Day Adventists, Jehovah's Witnesses, Pentecostals, and all those who follow the teachings of Jesus.

The Pilgrimage26 stops::Join::

Sites about all of the religions of the world, featuring inspirational sites, scripture and theology, churches, mosques and temples, Christianity, Judaism, Islam, Buddhism, Hinduism, Baha'i, Taoism, Confucianism, Wicca, Paganism, Neo-Paganism, Tribal Wisdom and traditions, Transcendental Meditation, the history and future of religion and spiritual thought.

Earth-Spirit Train5 stops::Join::

Sites about nature-based spiritual groups, and all things related to Wicca, Paganism and Neo-Paganism, Asatru and Druidism, Goddess Worship, Witchcraft and covens, Magick, spells, charms and nature-based rituals.


The Press Train9 stops::Join::

Sites for avid readers who enjoy perusing magazines and news publications, ezines, online news and journals, online books and books made of paper as well, with sites about journalism, fiction, non-fiction, prose, poetry, commentary and satire, comedy and drama, and any other topic that pertains to the written word.

The Campaign Train2 stops::Join::

Sites dealing with politics, political campaigns, social and political issues, political commentary, ideological viewpoints and positions, local and national governments, and the leaders of society, elected, appointed, or otherwise.


The Military Train42 stops::Join::

Sites about the Army, Navy, Air Force, Marines, Coast Guard, National Guard and Reserves, veteran sites, tributes to soldiers and officers, military and defense topics and discussions, events and reunions, stories and memories, foreign and US battle and war memorials.


The Animal Car66 stops::Join::

Sites dedicated to animals, pets and pet owners, wildlife and their habitat, aquatic species, animal care, nature preserves and sanctuaries, birding and animal identification, animal rescue and adoption, animal rights, zoos, aquariums, farms and ranches, the history of animal species, ancient wildlife and fossil collecting.

The FeLine53 stops::Join::

Sites about cats and their owners, feline care, cat appreciation, cat breeds, catteries, wild and domestic cats, cats for adoption, products for cats and cat owners, cat clubs, cat photography and art, cat tributes, stories about cats, feline behavior and training.

The Canine Line50 stops::Join::

Sites about dogs and their owners, dog care and grooming, dog appreciation, dog breeds, kennels, wild and domestic dogs, dogs for adoption, products for dogs and dog owners, dog clubs and shows, dog photography and art, dog tributes, stories about dogs, canine behavior and training.


The Railyard56 stops::Join::

Sites about trains, railfanning, railroads, photos of trains, engines, and rail cars, model railroading, local rail schedules, tunnels, tressels and bridges, the history of railroads, narrow gauge railroads, steam locomotives, restoration projects, and sites about specific rail lines worldwide.

The Engine4 stops::Join::

Sites about cars, trucks, motorcycles, auto and motorcycle racing, engines, engine maintenance, performance tuning, classic cars, muscle cars, car shows, custom and sports cars, NASCAR racing, NASCAR drivers, and the history and future of cars, motorcycles, and all other vehicles on the road.

The Aviation Express1 stops::Join::

Sites about aviation and flying for pilots and aviation enthusiasts, sites about airplanes, gliders, ballooning, airplane mechanics, air shows, air racing, aviation links, pictures of aircraft, and the science and history of flight.


The Underground28 stops::Join::

Sites about counter-culture, offbeat topics, the paranormal, the strange or the bizarre, the unusual or the unbelievable, the pointless or the amusing, experimental and cutting-edge sites, sites created by the insane, the brilliant, and the pioneering visionaries among us.

The Paranormal19 stops::Join::

Sites devoted to all those things we haven't been able to explain yet, such as ghosts, extra-sensory perception, UFO sightings, astral projection, spiritualism and mysticism, tarot and prophecies, astrology, magick and spells, and all things just beyond the boundaries of consciousness and perception.

Fantasy Quest7 stops::Join::

Sites about fantasy, fantasy fiction, dragons, faeries, magical and imaginary creatures, the medieval or the primeval, castles and realms, dreams, visions, roleplaying, and fantasy literature throughout the ages.


The Grand Central42 stops::Join::

Sites about all topics. The traveler on this train should be ready for anything, because any site connected to The Rail which doesn't fit neatly into any of the other established train categories is invited to be a member of The Grand Central.
Total :: 1204 stops